10 Things I’ve learned during TATINOF Leak to Pre-sale

So TATINOF Australia tour is coming in a few days and we Australians are really excited and hyped for the event. Some are even planning to ditch school since some of the events are in the weekdays (like Sydney… Time to take earlier classes!)

But after a near 2 month journey of preparing and panicking (and in some cases, crying) when TATINOF was officially announced, here are 10 things I’ve learned during the days from the Leak, leading up to the Pre-sale.

10. There is more of us than we thought

Back then, the phandom was pretty much separate. We are mostly isolated in our own area, not knowing who else likes Dan and Phil like we do. We were pretty much alone. But once the announcement of the ‘leak’, that’s when we discovered that there is more than us than we thought there were.

9. Being ‘popular’ on Twitter

Phandom Aus/NZ on twitter got really lit when we discovered about the leak. Before, we had around 200 followers and once the leak came up and the official announcements, lets just say it has been a busy week since people are now looking up to us to announce and give really accurate predictions and helpful answers for preparing for the tour AND a huge spike on followers.

We basically gained an audience filled with people who are like us and created a hub where we are no longer alone since multiple group chats were created.

8. We are all clueless

Due to the sheer panic of the leak, the account was receiving questions nonstop that there was a time that I was up till 11pm just to answer them all. Though it’s really cool that people recognise us as a valid source, it’s also tiring since people are asking the same questions over and over that we had to make 3 FAQ’s and tag 10 pages of Q&A post and put them under one page.

But at the same time, I was also confused and I had no idea what is actually going on.

7. This whole this is a puzzle that requires teamwork.

Confession: Most of my early answers are based of USA TATINOF ticket prices and post because I was supposed to go to the Seattle Tour in June.

These people know we’re just kids running the account and we’re doing our best to give really accurate answers. But they also think we have all the answers and for some reason, thanks to the collaborative efforts of all admins and our helpful followers, we managed to solve this giant puzzle where the pieces are scattered throughout Facebook, Ticketmaster Websites, Leaks and twitter.

6. CSI Phandom – Australia

To put into context:

CSI Phandom is a term we use when a group of phan girls ‘stalks’ Dan and Phil in an impossible level by overanalysing every single detail. Mostly happens when Dan and Phil goes in a private holiday. When the two takes a selfie and post it online, the phandom goes all out to find where they went.

One of the most iconic cases done was when the Phandom discovered where D&P had their ‘fancy dinner’ based of one selfie. It was in a Chinese Restaurant in the Shard and they also found a guy who was in the Shard and witnessed a proposal and the phandom assumed it was Dan and Phil (its not btw).

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.35.54 AM.png

Now, the Australian and some of the NZ phandom went full CSI Phandom once we saw leaks in Ticketmaster. So what we did what he CSI Phandom does best, over analyse EVERY SINGLE POST/RESPONSE which lead to our exposure and annoying Ticketmaster via twitter.

5. It’s all for the money – ish… not really.

Dan and Phil will have to do more shows just to earn

-My Dad (2016)

Even if what my dad says is somewhat true, Dan and Phil are also doing it for us since they want to meet their fans IRL and create something that represents the bond between us and them.

Now these people, Dan and Phil, they’re so big, they’ve been big for so long, they can just, go on stage and be like ‘Hi guys, I’m dan and I’m Phil, lets get selfies, give us your money’.

And they didnt do that, they didnt do that, they actually made something good! They made something that I’d want to go back to!

-Evan Edinger (My YouTube Existensial Crisis)

When the book trailer came out at 6 am AEST in 2015, we were all estatic and sure there has been some debate on the ‘money’ issue, just know that not everything is free and there are some parts in life where we have pay/sacrifice in order to get it.

4. There will always be DRAMA!!!

There has been some drama from NZ and a few people from the USA and UK where they are mad or annoyed that the Australian phandom is having TATINOF. For NZ, it’s understandable since the tour ain’t going there since it’s ‘too expensive’,

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.51.58 AM

There has been some cases where the USA and UK phandom are telling the Australian phandom to shut up! They complain that we are ‘partying too much’ due to this and this just made a few Australians speak out since UK and USA can meet D&P all the time due to Vidcon, Playlist Live and SiTC and TATINOF is our only option to meet them because (according to my math), it cost $3500+ to travel to and from, have hotel and 2 passes for Vidcon 2016.

3. It’s basically The Hunger Games

Pre-sale and General Sale were like the actual hunger games. It was a bloodbath where it was first come first serve and those who missed out had to wait it out or just accept what they got which is both good and bad because according to most people, Ticketmaster was really bad during the sale due to it crashing.

And due to the second sale, I just discovered that every 15 mins, the VIP tickets refresh.

2. Either way, we are all meeting Dan and Phil

It doesn’t matter what ticket we got to go tot he show, we are all uniting to meet Dan and Phil in one location, with other people who love them the same way as we do. I’m in a group chat where there’s a group of girls called ‘The Silver Squad’ where they just got silver tickets and are happy about it.

1. This will be the most fun we’ll ever had

TATINOF will be the biggest event we may ever go to in our entire lives. We are going to see our fave power duo in the flesh, on stage, doing weird and amazing (and not on fire) things. There have been a few spoilers on what happened but I’ve seen some of it and they all sounded like something that I would really want to go to.

The days leading up to the sales and to the tour itself has been really magical and amazing. Back then, I had no idea what Phandom Aus/NZ would end up being since we’re basically just an update/info account for Australia and New Zealand. Now, we are more than just an update account, we are an interactive account, a hub if you call it. We converse with people with bants, jokes, advice and other weird stuff.

And just recently, in July 31, the Australian and New Zealand Phandom united with the Philippine Phandom and celebrated our very first ‘Philippine, Australia, New Zealand Phandom Unity Day’ or ‘#PANZPhandomUnityDay’ where we finally united with another country.

TATINOF changed the dynamic of the Australian and NZ phandom. From being isolated to uniting to another country, from missing out to living the experience, we are living in a time that we have never imagined. And sure, there has been some bumps along the way but it outweighed what it has become.

UPDATE: There was supposed to be a poll here but aint working! Sorry about that…


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