My Experience in TATINOF Sydney (#TatinofSpoilers)

All photos were taken by me… unless credited other wise

Warning: there will be spoilers

On August 23 2016, I was very lucky to go to The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire by Dan and Phil and got the VIP (after screwing up for 15 mins). It was a really fun event and I had a blast and my memory is fading due to the hype and such that now is the time to document it all in a blog post.


If you want a spoiler free version, I posted a vlog about my experience in TATINOF:

Before the VIP

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.52.16 PM

(Photo taken by Hayli [one of our authors])

I was at University, sitting in my most confusing and difficult class I have ever faced in my first year life: Public Relations 101. I was looking at the time and tried to focus on the topic of public approval and it’s importance to businesses/organisations. Then 11:57 came, I immediately packed my gear and once 12:00 came, I made one more pit stop and went to my shuttle bus stop.

The train ride was long, like 1.5 hours (it’s a shuttle bus and 2 train rides) and somewhere between Parramatta and Strathfield, I fell asleep.

Then I arrived at the city where I met Hayli and her friends at Starbucks and basically we played Pokemon Go for 1 hour (because we arrived at 2pm and agreed to go to Luna Park at 3… Weird since people were waiting since 2:30). While playing Pokemon GO, we met 2-3 girls who went to TATINOF before and are wearing the shirts.

We soon arrived and there was a short line.

During VIP

Tip of advice:

Dont enter VIP early!!! 

Matyn and Cornelia came out 30 mins after we entered and I feel sooo bad that I couldnt meet them and we were not allowed to leave (which is unfair since Martyn and Cornelia were at the merch booth in USA and UK)

We basically waited and their tour manager came out setting the rules of the show. Unfortunately for VIP, only 1-2 made it to Audience Participation and the majority were from the General Admission. Then 15-30 mins later from waiting, we heard that Martyn and Cornelia were doing photos and we couldn’t leave and it sucks!

Then came the guestbook and this is what I wrote (sorry if it’s dark/bad):


Then their manager came out and set out the rules of the meet and greet and 5 minutes later, Dan and Phil came out and I manage to record it in HD on my camera (and it was useful since it was my only way to see them clearly).

Meeting Dan and Phil (this part was written during the event w/ some added bits, after i met them):


So I was meeting them and I froze for around five seconds and they were all smiling and both boys were like ‘hi there’. I saw their faces and they were welcoming and smiling and waving and in my mind, I was like ‘holy crap what do I do, what do I say?’

Dan and Phil were like ‘do you want us to sign that for you’ and I hurriedly gave my ukulele. I got my camera and filmed it and phil (or dan… Cuz they sound alike) said ‘nice camera’ and I was freaking out because my mic was falling and I was really speachless. Then I captured a short video of them signing it and they said ‘beautiful ukulele’ and how it’s nice.

IMG_5145Then came the photo. I screwed up with the actual camera. Hayli tried to take it for me but it was blurry. Dan went to Hayli to help with the camera and he grabbed the camera and tried to see whats wrong but he knew that its a DSLR problem. So i got my iPhone, raised it up in the air and went ‘ok… Back up plan’

(Photo taken by Hayli using my camera. it’s not her fault, it’s the settings)

‘Don’t worry… It takes me one hour to take a perfect photograph’.

-Danisnotonfire to me during the Meet and Greet

We took the selfie and their arms are wrapped around me and i gave them my bracelets. First to phil then dan and they were like ‘aww they’re cute and they match our personalities’.

I then left and smiled but then when you leave… You instantly forget what happened and stuff and i freaked out cuz i couldnt do my shout out and stuff and I realised that I didnt hug them but i got the best photography advice from dan.

I had 3 mins of Dan and Phil.




Then after that, I fell to the floor because I had an existential Crisis





Before the Show

I lined up with a few friends from the Shaddy Subtweeters Group Chat and I was hungry. Luckily, a friend had some pizza and shared her food. Then we entered and I saw the stage and I was like ‘holy crap’. Then the songs that were being played, it was so cool people who are like me, singing these songs without being questioned.

Its basically Disneyland for Phandom Members.


Then the pre recorded announcement came and we all went silent and laugh due to their bants.


So the last song ‘My Song Knows what you did in the dark‘ was playing for 1 minute then the power was cut off and the intro started with a countdown ticking while videos from their channels were being played.

Is it weird to analyse how they made the introduction to the show? As a media student who has played with editing programs, based on what I saw, I say it was created using Adobe Premier.

Then Dan and Phil came out and we just scream throughout the entire show because it was cool and amazing

Brokeback Mountain 2


I will not go on on most of the show since they have to be experienced for yourself but my favourite part is the fan fiction recreation as I manage to take a quick pic of the sexy cowboys gone camping and Dil’s appearance (I will never listen to O Fortuna the same way ever again)


After the show:

To be honest, there are multiple ways you can feel after the show. You could laugh, you could cry but I was an emotional wreck with a sore voice. When I returned to my part time job, I wasnt loud enough for registers because I lost it all during the show. The day after TATINOF, I was too depressed to do anything because I want to go back.

Luckily, my dad and I came to an agreement. I will be allowed to go to TATINOF again if it happens.




I then met some of my friends again from the Shaddy Subtweeters Group Chat for a final photo.



So what is TATINOF and what does it mean me:

“You don’t have to change just to impress others… You just have to be yourself”


In the past, I say to everyone I know in real life and online that TATINOF is like taking a religious pilgrimage because meeting Dan and Phil is rare in Australia and it’s a once in a lifetime event. But after going to the tour, it was more than just a pilgrimage. TATINOF is an event where it’s a shame-free zone. It doesn’t matter who you are, you will find a place to belong. TATINOF is also a place of where Dan and Phil will tell you in person (both on stage and in VIP) that it’s ok to be yourself and they will give you advice based on who you are and interest.

I mean look what happened to me, I wanted to take a photo using my DSLR but it screwed up and Dan gave me the best advice based on his experience. In a literal sense, it would mean me staying in a location for a long time just to take one shot and annoying the people around me. In a metaphorical sense, the message is to have patience on what I want to create, even if it takes a really long time.

TATINOF to me is an event where I can be free on who I am and a place where it’s accepting. If I go to a normal concert, most of the time, singing to the setlist is deemed shamed upon and unnatural. And at the same time, you can’t speak to the person next to you since they are mostly stuck up (I know because I went to a Taylor Swift and 1D concert in the past and you really can’t speak to the person next to you).

But in TATINOF, it’s a different experience. If one person yells ‘What Team?‘, everyone will yell ‘Wildcats‘ and if you are seen dancing, don’t worry, people will dance along with you.

And what I enjoyed about it was there was this girl who is sat at Sec 4 D-1, she follows @PhandomAus on twitter and thanked me to find someone to buy her spare VIP ticket (I just want to add this in there because this has to be my most memorable ‘thank you’ I’ve received when running the account for 11 months… along with many others).

Overall, TATINOF is a place of acceptance and happiness and where your flaws are counted as your strengths. It doesn’t matter who you since in the end, you belong with a group of people who will accept you and will have the same interest as you.

And now… I just can’t wait till I meet them again in Vidcon 2017 (USA or AUS depending on university) or TATINOF Philippines (for this, I’m ditching a week if I have to).

So Dan and Phil, if you see this… Thank you.




One thought on “My Experience in TATINOF Sydney (#TatinofSpoilers)

  1. […] I believe the reason for this is that it’s the idea of knowing that these people exist and meeting them is taking another step between the relationship between fan and creator. Because when you meet them in real life, you’re proving to people that heroes don’t have to wear capes and that you’re somewhat thanking them for everything they’ve done. An example is when I met Dan and Phil in TATINOF. […]


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