My TATINOF experience. (spoilers!)

After five years of dedicating my life to Dan and Phil, wishing i could meet them and wishing that they’d perhaps come all the way to Australia, i was finally lucky enough to get VIP tickets to The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire.

One tip for TATINOF is- don’t push and shove people. The staff at the venue will probably throw a fit and cancel the whole meet and greet if you do. Adelaide TATINOF was rough, especially when the woman who was in charge told us if she saw pushing, she’d not let us meet them. But when they walked out, everyone stayed back and screamed from a distance, letting Dan take a selfie. And then came the meet and greet.

First of all, if you’ve ever watched even one of their videos, you know that they’re two of the most genuine and caring people in the world, and i can confirm that they’re exactly the same in real life. Meeting them was kind of a blur, as many people have stated that they cannot remember hugging Phil, as amazing as it was. I for one, remember hugging Dan clearly. He was warm and smelt so nice, (and as dramatic as it sounds, their smell lingers on you for hours after you’ve met them.) They were so sweet and they thanked me and everyone else for watching their videos. I didn’t exactly end up saying all i wanted to say considering these two people that I’ve adored for years were standing right in front of me and all i wanted to do was hug them and never let them go.
Then, after standing outside crying for ten minutes by myself, we all sat down and waited for the meet and greet to finish.

Before the show even started, it was lit. (I’m sorry, i’ll never say that again. But it was.) Everyone sang along to the songs on the playlist and Dan and Phil listened backstage.
After a few songs, there was an announcement from them explaining that we should turn off our phones and not to take photos or videos. (Of course, EVERYONE listened. There are no spoilers all over the internet. Nope.)
Finally, they came out of the giant microwave on stage and everyone almost died.
From the montage at the very beginning which included a shot from Amazing Dan, to a re-enactment of Brokeback Mountain and Titanic, to them travelling into the future and becoming old men, it was the greatest show i had ever seen and i wish i could go back and relive it.

And finally, their final performance- The Internet Is Here. They dressed in gold sequined coats and hats, and they danced and sang, sharing the cutest look as they paused to stare at each other at one point, and it was all I’d ever dreamed of seeing. And probably all every phandom member has dreamed of seeing. They then waved goodbye to everyone in the audience and then it was over. I was sad, but also grateful that I’d gotten to see them live and up close, it was more than i could ever ask for.

I hope that Dan and Phil know how important this was to people and how many lives they’ve changed, because they’ve changed mine and i can’t thank them enough.




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