Best Day Of My Life : TATINOF Sydney (SPOILERS)

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016, I got to meet my freaking idols!
I arrived in Sydney at around midday with my friends Mikey and Amy. The weather was nice and it wasn’t too cold either.

We started our day with some Maccas for lunch in Circular Quay where a seagull landed on my head twice. Then we got Baskin Robbins (first time I’ve ever had their icecream ngl) and it was amazing! I got cookie dough with hot fudge topping!

We walked around Circular Quay and the Opera House until about 2:30pm when we met up with Erielle, the creator of this blog, at Starbucks.

This was also my first time at a starbucks as they don’t have them in regional NSW. I got a mango + passionfruit drink and they spelt my name “Hailey” which is no where near how you spell my name.

Anyway we walked around for a bit until we had to catch the ferry over to Luna Park.

Once there we walked in and made our way to the line growing outside the big top theatre. We met so many people we knew online which was so weird but awesome at the same time! Since Mikey and Amy weren’t vip they spilt from the group to go get food. I then brought my merch and headed upstairs to the vip room. I was super excited! I went around and met some new people and signed the guest book.

Then it was time. Everyone was screaming as Dan and Phil literally bounced into the room! We sloppily formed a line and awaited our turn to meet the two British nerds that ruined our lives. Then, it was my turn. I was freaking the frick out! I rounded the corner and I smiled wider than ever. After saying hi Dan went straight in for the hug and I died and came back to life. Then I hugged Phil and it was honestly like hugging cloud. He’s so soft and precious! Dan told me he “loved my onesie” and “don’t go swimming in it” which made me laugh. Dan then asked if I’d like them to sign my book.

“Would you like me to take a selfie” Dan had asked and I just handed my phone over (like holy shit Dan Howell is holding my phone??). Before Dan snapped the pic I quickly asked if we could do the hand holding pose which they both agreed to.

After Dan took the photo he went “Aww that’s cute,” and I pretty much imploded. Both their hands were really soft and I’m pretty sure I was redder than a tomato at this point. We then had a little chat about Sydney before they told me to enjoy the show. Next thing I knew workers were switching my wristband over to show I’ve had my m&g and giving my my vip goodie bag. It was all over too soon but we still had an amazing (but not on fire) show ahead. Dan and Phil said their goodbyes after the m&g and we all rushed downstairs to join the line.

I met back up with Mikey and Amy at the front of the line where I was also reunited with someone who I met at the Twenty One Pilots concert in April.


As the clock ticked over to 7:30pm we were let in, rushing to our seats in a mad rush.
The pre-show playlist was lit! everyone cried when Welcome To The Black Parade played and I duetted with Mikey across the room during Breaking Free.
Then, a pre-recorded message played over the speakers of Dan and Phil telling us to turn off our phones and to enjoy the show. The music returned with Fall Out Boy’s My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark and we went back to singing along. That was until the song cut off halfway through and the room went dark. It was time. snippets of Dan and Phil’s videos flashed on the microwave screen and I was screaming.

I’m not going to go in full of what happened at the show, just some highlights so here we go: Mikey was featured in the Reasons Why I Was A Weird Kid segment and I screamed so loud “THATS MY BEST FRIEND!” he had said “I used to think Vegemite was poo in a jar.” another great moment was during the 7SC were someone had submitted for Dan to give Phil across the stage. I was crying! Phil just jumped on and Dan started running (yes running!). You’ve probably all seen the video but it was so surreal in person, and Dan just chucked Phil off him at the end.

Another great moment was the fanfiction in real life segment and I’m pretty sure half the theatre died and came back to life, especially when Phil had to draw Dan “like one of his french girls” someone in the front row was waving a pride flag around which was amazing.
The ending was amazing! They sung a song about the internet (i think it’s called hello internet?) and Dan literally couldn’t keep his eyes off Phil and he had the biggest smile on his face. After the show had ended All Star started playing (of course) and we all slowly left the theatre singing along to our favourite meme. I met up with Mikey and Amy outside and Mikey crash tackled me, tears running down his cheeks screaming that Dan and Phil noticed him. We hugged and cried and people stopped us on our way out congratulating Mike on being in the show.

TATINOF was honestly the best day of my life. One of the girls at school who saw my photo on Facebook told me that “That’s the happiest I’ve ever seen you” I’ve known her for 7 years.

All in all, Dan and Phil have made my life so much more. Without them I would never have met Mikey, never want to be a radio host, and I don’t even know if I’d still be here today. So thank you Dan and Phil, thank you phandom, and thank you for TATINOF.


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