My TATINOF Story (#spoilers!)

(All photos taken by me unless said otherwise.)

I remember the day The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire for Australia was announced, very, very clearly. Well, the part that was actually important.

It all went like this:

I had just come home from school, and walked halfway down my hallway when a group chat I had recently joined started blowing up all because of one single tweet.

And that’s when I knew, that my life and everyone’s lives around me was going to turn into crap. I had started pacing around my living room with my mother thinking I was possessed, and a week later I had managed to buy tickets for me and a friend for that very show.

On the day however, I wasn’t feeling very excited.

It was on a Tuesday, which is a school day, and because TATINOF was being held a few hours away from where I live I had to leave school a few hours early, to get everything ready. And as soon as I got home I got hassled by my so-called friends on every social media platform they had me on to send them something from a group project that they could as well done themselves.

I did the obvious thing – I ignored them, and pretty soon I was on my way up to the place I could call Heaven for the time being.

I was going with a friend, so her dad was driving us up there. The drive wasn’t particularly exciting, we were just trying to catch every Pokémon we could get our hands on, which is quite hard when you realise that when faced with a Kangaskhan, they are quite far away from you.)

Everything turned into a flurry when we reached there, I can barely remember what even happened! There was a massive, massive line for getting inside (which is kind of pointless when you have assigned seats), another massive line for getting merchandise and other people doing their own thing. I had gotten myself a t-shirt before finding any mutuals and found a spot in line.

Soon, everyone was piling in and it was getting crazy. Someone formed a conga line in the space between two lines (they were all wearing masks, like a Kim K mask, a Kanye West Mask, a Delia Smith mask, you get the gist.) and more people were showing up. VIP finished not long after and I found some of The Shady Subtweeters group chat from Twitter, and we all lined up together, waiting to be let in.



(taken by a random person in line)

Not so long after, we were allowed in! And by that, I mean walking in, then asking two security guard people where I could drop off craft. I had did ‘craft’ for this, two (rather messily) hand-drawn pokeballs with Dan and Phil’s faces in it (an inside joke from the group chat).

“@danisnotonfire @AmazingPhil i created this mess of art from tatinof last night #spon”


-dreamkidlester (x)

I swear I can draw better than this.

Anyway. Now, I can say, the show had started. The pre-show, I mean. Music started playing and you could hear people singing along, I could see people (including some of my friends) dancing awkwardly, it was great. Everyone started yelling along with ‘Tear in My Heart’ by Twenty One Pilots because we all knew it, and I was sitting in my seat next to my friend, trying to catch a Dratini (I did, in fact, catch that Dratini).

Then the show officially started.


I’m not even sure if I remember everything that happened, I was in so much of a daze that it doesn’t even feel real. They walked on stage, and did their thing. They started talking, your usual Dan and Phil banter, and then proceeded to do some 7 Second Challenges. Dan gave Phil a piggy-back, Phil high-fived ten people from the audience and Dan did some meme impressions.

The next highlight was Phil’s segment, ‘Why I Was a Weird Kid’. Prior to this, he was looking through Dan’s failed selfies, but then he started talking about some of his weird kid experiences. There were photoshopped slides to go with, too. People had the chance to submit their own stories, then it was time for Dan’s part.

Dan did the Internet Support Group, with a phone holding pre-recorded messages and a glass of Ribena. There were some interesting questions, someone had even asked what to do because they came with their ex-girlfriend and their boyfriend.

Next came the crafty corner. I was at the edge of my seat, hoping to see my blue piece of cardboard being pulled out of the trolley (oh yeah, they had trolley’s with craft in it). Someone had painted Melapples from the Sims, someone a few rows ahead of me had drawn the boys in the Haikyuu!! universe, and then, came by crappy craft. I don’t remember much of that moment, and every time Phil spoke, I cried, but I remember at the end Phil said ‘Thanks Grace!’, Dan following with ‘I’m gonna have nightmares.’

After that moment, I focused more on watching the show then imprinting it in my memory. Also known as, I don’t really remember what happened next. Some main parts of the show was when Dan and Phil travelled to the future, and Phil died on stage. They reenacted live fanfiction, which ended when the words ‘They looked at each other, and Dan started unzipping his–‘, and Dil making a guest appearance.

After the show, I can definently say I was shaking. I ran up to my friends and hugged them all, and they told me they were screaming for me when my pokeballs craft were featured on stage. It was a crazy experience. Before I had to leave, I filmed something for Cutiejea (an admin on this blog) and took a photo with two people from the chat.


I left with my friend and a big smile, as we made our journey back home.

Dan and Phil had worked their magic in my life for the past two years, I had found new friends and happiness within their videos, and I am eternally grateful. I hope I get to meet them, and all of the friends I made through them.

Thank you.


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