How LazyTown Made a Comeback in 2016

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anonymous  asked: Do you think LazyTown will become a legitamate fandom or are we just going to be active just because of Stefan’s gofundme and will die out after a few months. Because I really like the lazytown fandom and I want to leave my current one to this one but i don’t want to join a fandom that will die out soon

I think at this rate? Yes. It seems to have blown up so much to where I find it hard to imagine it not becoming a true fandom.

ask-sportarobbie via Tumblr

You can call me crazy but I have fallen to a fandom that I once thought never existed (unless I was 5 years old). I thought this fandom died out or vanished but I was mistaken since during the final weeks leading to the end of 2016, when all hope was lost… one fandom came back with a bang to bring back joy to those who’ve lost it.

We’re talking about the LazyTown fandom.

02.jpgFor those who don’t know, LazyTown is a kids show from Iceland and was aired on TV in 2004. It was created by Magnus Scheving, a former Aerobics athlete. The show was made to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids. Not only Scheving created the show, but he also directs, writes, produce and plays as Sportacus, the ‘slightly-above-average-hero‘ who loves to exercise and eats Sportscandy.

All the stunts that’s going on in the show,  90% is all him. (Some require a double but a majority of the stunts, he does it).

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Scheving created the show because explaining what ‘health’ is to kids is something very difficult to explain and very broad but founded out that the only way to explain what health is, is through entertainment and movement. He claims that kids follow what they see on TV and in the media so he created a show where they avoid saying ‘Do this, do that‘ and made something entertaining.

“I want to move kids, I want to move families. And maybe… move the world. That will be fantastic”

– Magnus Scheving (TEDxBucharest 2010)

We are entering a market where… obesity is a big problem. And sometimes, people write about it like we’re preaching, trying to save them from obesity. But we’re not really trying to fight it. We’re only trying to make a fun TV show for kids with a little moral…

…It’s a sensitive subject, you have to be careful

– Magnus Scheving (2004 News interview)

Scheving needed to experiment multiple times, created 2 live plays (Áfram Latibær! and Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ) and toured in multiple countries before pitching the idea to Nickelodeon and soon became the TV we all know and love. What made this show interesting is that it’s filled with characters with different personalities, a hero who helps people using sports equipment, the songs are catchy and a super villain who is not only funny but also childish and weird that there is no way you can hate the person.

And it was that villain that helped bring back the fandom back from the dead.

03Meet Stefan Karl Stefansson. He plays Robbie Rotten (in the show and the original play). It was announced in October 2016 that he got cancer and a GoFundMe page was created to help the guy with his medical bills and give financial support for his family.

And in doing so, the song ‘We are number One‘ not only became a popular meme on the internet but also was a tool to help spread awareness.

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Here is the song:

Due to this, not only they were able to help raise money to help Stafan but it soon brought back a fandom that many people thought never existed. And due to this, Stefan did a live performance on Facebook on December 12 (9 AM AEST) performing the song with the original cast and a resurgence of activity arose, bringing back the fandom back from the dead.

Also, the official LazyTown YouTube page made a 1 hour loop of the song.

Too bad it didn’t make it to the YouTube Rewind. That would have been awesome!

I’ve been diving in the LazyTown tags in Tumblr and the amount of activity that’s seen in the site surprised me and after exploring for 3 hours, I was hooked and here I am, write a blog post showing my love to the kids show.

You see, the LazyTown fandom isn’t a really huge fandom. From what I see, it’s more of a community of people who enjoy the show and want to share their creativity and interpretation with their art, fan fics, headcanons and edits. But it’s also big enough to put new post and memes online everyday.

And since the community is decently sized, if you have any questions and post it on Tumblr, there is a chance that people will be able to respond.

The fandom is big enough to make the show trend on December 12 on Tumblr and make it to Tumblr’s Fandometrics back in November.


I was also surprised as well.

But what makes the LazyTown fandom appealing is that the show still have unexplained stories that it’s up to the audience to guess or make theories to figure it out. And this mostly results to creating a bridge between the play and the show itself.

My favourite theory that I’ve read is from Tumblr user Glanni-Glæpur and this persom claims that Glanni (or Robbie) from the play took over LazyTown and the puppets are filled with the memories of the people from the play (except Jives and the postman moved out for some reason) and used the episode ‘Secret Agent Zero‘ as an example where during the final scene in the show when the puppet that came to life, this person claimed that is the mirror image of Glanni from the play.

Read the rest here as it’s really interesting.

What’s also interesting is that people are recommending others to listen to the Icelandic dub and the original versions from the play to give a more appreciation to the songs as there are some subtle differences between them.

To explain what they mean, I’m going to use the song ‘Gizmo Guy‘ sang by Pixel.

Here is the original English version:

Here is the Icelandic Dub

Here is the Original version from Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ

What’s interesting about this is the following:

1. The original version from the play was not only the framework for what we have now but also the lyrics are more relatable to us. Pixel says in the play that without his technology, he has no idea who he is.

Sound familiar?

2. Compare the lyrics between the Icelandic dub and the English version. The original icelandic lyrics goes ‘Mér lidur vel à Pc eda makka‘ Which translates to ‘I feel good on PC or Mac‘ The english lyrics we have changed it to ‘I like to play On my power PC‘ for what the fans assume, copyright reasons.

3. The fact that they used songs from the original play, changed the lyrics a bit and used it in the show is really amazing!

But here is the kicker…

Due to all of this activity, as Tumblr being Tumblr (and rule 34 being a thing)… a ship was formed.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to… SPORTAROBBIE (Sportacus x Robbie Rotten)

[Season 4 Ep 9]


And here is another popular Sportarobbie moment [Season 1 Episode 7]


And another [Season 1 Ep 4]


Yup… this is a thing.

I’ve seen a lot of fan art and fics that it is now the main ship for the fandom. Apparently shipping Sportasteph (Sportacus and Stephanie) is not allowed unless you explicitly mention that she’s 19 or an adult or if you’re shipping them platonically. But it’s generally not allowed  so it’s these two that ended up being the main ship.

And the Sportarobbie artwork… you have no idea how far people have gone (Not going to post it thou).

What I also enjoyed as well is the popularity of the Steven Universe AU! Where Sportacus + Robbie fuse into Waluigi (yup… that’s a thing) or the idea of them fusing all together because Sporta-flop has a crystal.

But in conclusion, LazyTown, a kids show to promote a healthy lifestyle, rose from the dead and soon became a community of fans for both nostalgia and for the LOLS. Starting out to help one of the actors from cancer to bring back something that we once grew up with…

What a beautiful way to end 2016.

People argue that LazyTown will only just be a meme and never become a legitamate fandom. Some see it as a fandom coming out from the woodwork, striking at the best time imaginable.

I see it as both. A community of memers and fans of the show that were able to help give support to a man that made us laugh and smile. Fans believe LazyTown saved 2016 and from what I’ve seen, it kinda did.

2016 is apologizing 2 us with bode and moana and the lazytown fandom

Deoxis-official via Tumblr

This is the LazyTown fandom and I do hope we do remain… number one.



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