How to use fandoms for assignments

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We’re back. Sorry for the delay. But we’re here and time to return the favour of your patience by giving you the best advice that I could possible ever give to anyone… how to use YOUR FAVOURITE FANDOMS for your assignments. And I’m not just describing the everyday homework… oh no. I’m talking Year 11 – University level of major works, exams, etc.

That’s right people, I will give you advice on how to use fandoms (eg: YouTube, Books, Movies, etc) for the biggest assessments and exams you’ll ever face! These are all taken from experience and I’ve been doing this for a while, so if you do it right, I guarantee an easy school year for you guys.

Note: This are all based from the Australian Syllabus and what I’ve experienced in university.

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How LazyTown Made a Comeback in 2016

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anonymous  asked: Do you think LazyTown will become a legitamate fandom or are we just going to be active just because of Stefan’s gofundme and will die out after a few months. Because I really like the lazytown fandom and I want to leave my current one to this one but i don’t want to join a fandom that will die out soon

I think at this rate? Yes. It seems to have blown up so much to where I find it hard to imagine it not becoming a true fandom.

ask-sportarobbie via Tumblr

You can call me crazy but I have fallen to a fandom that I once thought never existed (unless I was 5 years old). I thought this fandom died out or vanished but I was mistaken since during the final weeks leading to the end of 2016, when all hope was lost… one fandom came back with a bang to bring back joy to those who’ve lost it.

We’re talking about the LazyTown fandom.

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Pokemon Moon – First Impressions // Review

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WARNING: THIS POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS… also, not #Spon… I just love the game

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-3-05-45-pmI’ve been a Pokemon fan for most of my childhood as my first experience with the series was when my cousin lent me his copy of Pokemon Ruby for the Gameboy Advance and I was completely lost on how to play the game since the furthest I’ve ever been in the game is Rustboro City. Then I was given a game of my own… Pokemon Blue for the Gameboy Color and my brother and I had to share Pokemon Fire Red… which led to numerous of new games since we couldn’t agree on how we should progress.


I also own a copy of Pokemon Uranium (#BannedPokemonGame) and that game requires lots of patience because I’ve been playing for 4 days and I’m still on my 2nd badge.

And now we have the new game.

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10 Reasons why I think the current Club Penguin lost it’s appeal

Note: less research on this blog since I still remember EVERYTHING (or most things) for this. TBH, if I do need to research, I will use the Official Guide book, YouTube videos and the Wikia. Also… this post is really personal to me since Club Penguin was my jam.

For those who don’t know, Club Penguin is the first fandom I’ve ever joined in my entire life since May of 2007 (hey, that’s where my username came from). And just saying, I’ve seen how it was like when it was it’s old browser, I joined just 2 months before Disney bought the game and I was there when meeting Billybob (Lane Merrifield – one of the creators) is like achieving something in your (Club Penguin) bucket list. Like f*** meeting Gary or Aunt Artic or Rockhopper, Billybob is the real deal! And he came back online last year during the 10 year anniversary (which I couldn’t go due to HSC exams… so I needed to study my butt of for my exams).

I’ve seen things come and go, I was there when the Stage was being developed (but was then destroyed), I was there when the Dojo was basically a hub for 12 year olds saying ‘TEAM USA, USA USA!!!’ and ‘JAPAN, JAPAN, JAPAN’ and the old PSA HQ which was really simplistic and tacky and my 10 year old brain was like ‘how does one teleport when you click a tv screen?‘. I was even there when the wigs were first created, when the Hydro Hopper was originally called ‘Ballistic Biscuit’ and… oh god… so many memories!!!

Basically, you could say I’m a retired penguin since I left the game in 2012. Why? Because the game keeps changing and the old stuff that used to be there are slowly disappearing (plus I got interested in Minecraft).

But back in July, after the ‘Roast Yourself Challenge – Diss Track’ video by Danisnotonfire, a few online friends and I decided to change our usernames to our DJ names and this is what I choose for my dj name:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 8.53.58 PM

Yeah… once a Club Penguin trash, always a Club Penguin trash…

So for the celebration of the 11th year of Club Penguin, here are top 10 Reasons why I think Club Penguin is now bad (or at least lost it’s appeal to old players)

Note: I’ve been binge watching a few Club Penguin videos and many people agree to these reasons

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The Reason Why Meeting our Idols is a BIG DEAL in Fandoms

Today is #7YearsOfPhan! Basically, when Dan met Phil for the first time in Manchester Station at 12:40 pm (UK Time).

What’s special about this is that this meet up was more than just a meet up between the fan and the creator (because he started of as an AmazingPhil fan) but this showed the lengths Dan went through in order to meet his ‘hero’ (Remember: Phil was like one of his role models and inspired him to make YouTube videos).

The common thing when it comes to fandoms is the need to meet our fave celebrities and idols and why we are willing to spend so much money and skip important commitments like school just to see them in real life. We are also dealing with the fact that sometimes, our parents don’t understand why we do these things when in fact, they have done it before at some point at their youth.

I’m looking at you mum and dad. Don’t tell me that you’d do whatever it takes to meet ‘Aldub’ in real life.

Aldub – a ship name of Yaya Dub and Aiden Richards from Kalye Serye (a segment in the Philippine TV Show: Eat Bulaga). It’s one of the current most popular ships in the Philippines with their hashtags trending EVERY… SINGLE… TIME!!!

But today, I shall attempt to give a reasonable explanation on why it is important for us fandom members to meet people who probably won’t remember us and/or uses meet ups to exploit more money out of fans’ pockets and some advice to convince your parents to let you meet them.

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How To Meet Your Fave Celebrities in Events

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Today, this blog post will be a little tutorial on how to and some advice when you meet your favourite celebrities/youtubers/etc in real life during meet and greets and/or after their gigs/events. Reason being is because we can all agree that meeting them in real life may be scary or we end up messing up our meet and greet with them that by the time we leave, we will end up feeling bad on what just happened.

Note… this concept is different on from how to let them notice you on social media. This is more on seeing them IRL. Also, this will be different from meeting them accidentally on the street.

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My Experience in TATINOF Sydney (#TatinofSpoilers)

All photos were taken by me… unless credited other wise

Warning: there will be spoilers

On August 23 2016, I was very lucky to go to The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire by Dan and Phil and got the VIP (after screwing up for 15 mins). It was a really fun event and I had a blast and my memory is fading due to the hype and such that now is the time to document it all in a blog post.


If you want a spoiler free version, I posted a vlog about my experience in TATINOF:

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10 Things I’ve learned during TATINOF Leak to Pre-sale

So TATINOF Australia tour is coming in a few days and we Australians are really excited and hyped for the event. Some are even planning to ditch school since some of the events are in the weekdays (like Sydney… Time to take earlier classes!)

But after a near 2 month journey of preparing and panicking (and in some cases, crying) when TATINOF was officially announced, here are 10 things I’ve learned during the days from the Leak, leading up to the Pre-sale.

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Fan Girls vs Society

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In Australia, vlogging and wearing Dan and Phil merch, is known as like a crime, because it’s like, it’s gonna be shamed upon. Thank god people think I’m young so I can pass off being 16 even if I’m actually 18

-Cutiejea (Sydney Phandom Picnic)

Now that we covered a bit on what a fan girl is, time to talk about one of the issues we are facing, how society perceives us.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like society wants us killed or anything but it’s rather than the fact that depending on the country you’re from, there will be some hate or shock depending on which fan group you are in and how you represent said fandom. Which is sad because it’s discriminatory since it’s basically telling us ‘You’re allowed to be in these fandoms but these groups… NOPE!‘.

For me, I think its quite unfair since it’s like society is shaming you just for being a fan of something or someone.

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fangirl, n. 

1. (derogatory) a female fan, obsessed with something (or someone) to a frightening or sickening degree. Often considered ditzy, annoying and shallow. 

2. (playful, good-natured) less extreme, a female fan who can laugh at their own passion for their particular interest (or even obsession).

-Urban Dictionary

When you hear the word ‘fan girl‘, what comes into your mind? How would you describe a ‘fan girl‘. For most people with ‘a life’, a fan girl is someone who lives her life idolising and obsessing about her idols/interest. For someone who is a fan girl (aka me), I see ourselves as people who idolise a certain interest in a way that could lead to obsession. For our parents, they see fan girls as someone who  waste time obsessing and try their best to annihilate that part of their kids. For random people on the internet, fan girls are just GIRLS who write weird or traumatic fan fiction about two people.

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